Play-Doh mats

This is one of my personal favorites. All you need is play-doh and these printables which are free as long as you sign up for her emails. You then receive the printables via email and can print them over and over again as you need.

Click here for the link that you’ll need for the mats. I also laminated mine and for all of them, it cost about $15.00 which for me was WAY worth it. You could also use page protectors and these mats could also be used with dry erase markers for clearer settings like the car or church.

The play-doh that I purchased, I found for the best deal on Amazon, you can find it here. 
You can also make your own play-doh which I love doing with my kids, there are tons of ways to do it but here is my favorite homemade play-doh recipe that I got from

Each mat features an incomplete picture and they use the play-doh to finish it. Add rays to the sun, seeds to the watermelon, a face to the snowman, ice cream to the cone etc. They are so cute and my kids love them!

Here are the tables that we use for almost every single activity. They can be found at Hobby Lobby for under $7.00 and they are a must-have. Click here for the best thing you’ll ever purchase.



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