Tree Top Fruit + Water and its benefits to us!

While it is truly one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had, having children is hard! 

Making sure that they are safe, healthy and happy is more than a full time job. Years ago after realizing that my children were very picky eaters, I started to trying really hard to find ways to integrate healthy foods into their daily diets. I started finding better alternatives for the things that I knew they loved and then encouraging them to try new foods every day.

Putting fruits and vegetables into smoothies. Cooking foods they wouldn’t normally eat into soups or simply just placing the foods onto their plate and asking them to at least try them. 

One of the things that we have recently swapped into our childrens regular intake is Tree Top Fruit + Water. This product has 50% less sugar than all of the other juices that my kids loved drinking and it’s sweetened with only real fruit juice. 

I’m all about easy transportation and Fruit + Water gives me just that. We take our Fruit + Water with us everywhere because for us hydration, espeically in the summer months is very important.

Fruit + Water is 50% juice which is one of the highest percentages in juices like it and it’s products are grown in the United States. The ingredients in it are simple, fruit juice, water and added vitamin C. 

My kids love this product, it’s never a fight to get them to drink it and I know that they are taking in something that is good for them, it’s trulky a win/win.

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