About Us

I was married for the first time when I was 18. We had our first child, a son when I was 21. I found out that my ex-husband was having an affair at 22 and was divorced. I spent the next little while learning to love myself and view myself as worthy of love and companionship.

I met Bedford and we were married when Jax, our oldest child was 2 years old. Today, Jaxden is 9 and we now have Ryker, age 6, Mya, age 3 and Naomi age 1.

We are a blended family navigating the in’s and out’s of co-parenting with my ex-husband’s now wife. We don’t use the term, step or half, we are just family. We are also in an interracial family and are consistently learning how we can improve and grow in love for the black community as we demonstrate what it means to love regardless of skin color because true unconditional love really is love.

I’m excited that you’re here. Welcome to Life With The Dorts.