How do I give her a fighting chance at loving herself?

I sat observing my body in a full length mirror when 18 month old Mya came into the room and stared and her reflection. She smiled and kissed the mirror. I was simultaneously so proud of her and yet so grateful that she couldn’t hear what I had been saying to myself in the privacy of my own thoughts.

I know that someday the world will give her something to be insecure about but how do I give her a fighting chance at loving herself? We sat down and it was then that the affirmations began.

Self love is definitely something you develop YOURSELF but I believe that as mothers we have a divine role in raising powerful women who hold space for themselves in a world that can sometimes feel as though it is trying to smother their flame. What is my place in teaching them the process of learning to love each piece of themselves? Then how do you teach them to let that love evolve and grow with them as they evolve and grow themselves? It starts with how they see ME treat ME. The disapproving looks I give my reflection in the mirror. The comments that I make about needing to “fix” things. Hearing me say that “I can’t have a cookie” rather than hearing me say that I wouldn’t LIKE one if I really don’t. The beginning of a love that will carry them through their feelings and evaluations of themselves starts here.

From birth until today there will always be something about you that isn’t good enough for someone, just don’t let that someone be you. 💖

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