Velcro Popsicle Sticks

This was seriously in the top 3 easiest crafts we have ever done, and I mean ever.

It’s cheap. Assembly is an under 10 minute task and then it’s done. It also one of the less messy options that my kids have in their activity closet which is a huge plus.

I used Velcro circles because I had them on hand but it would probably be cheaper to purchase Velcro rolls with the adhesive backing and cut the pieces to put on the end yourself. This would obviously add a little more time to your assembly so it depends on what you’re going for, easy or cheap(er).

I also had popsicle sticks but I bought some colored ones to add to the fun. I am a sucker for anything that can enhance their sensory experience and with the colors they can sort and build with specific colors rather than just use the standard sticks. You could also have your kids color them themselves if you want to be more cost efficient.

Super easy, super fun and my kids could use them for hours. They make houses, spell out words and more. Get to sticking and enjoy!

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