Pipecleaners and Pom Poms

Today’s activity was a desperate move on my part but it worked out WONDERFULLY! I ALWAYS have pipe cleaners and pom poms on hand, always. You can use them for so many things. If you key “activities with pipe cleaners and pom poms into Pinterest you get an endless sea of activities, plus they are so super cheap. So they always come in handy when you’re low on supplies and it’s under 20 degrees outside.


All you do is use the pipe cleaners and pom poms as well as any kitchen supplies that you choose to use. We used a bunch of different sized cups, tongs, measuring cups and spoons as well as a strainer. He enjoyed sorting the different kinds of pom poms into different sizes and colors and used the tongs and measuring spoons to move them around, awesome for fine motor skills. He also made “spider webs” by threading the pipe cleaners through the holes in the strainer. He then tried to drop the pom poms through the pipe cleaners pretending they were bugs and waited for them to get stuck in the web.

Super super easy, and super….basically free.

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