Just some beads and yarn

In our house, this is just called “beads.” While my 3-year-old uses this the majority of the time, my 6-year-old also enjoys this activity in a more complex way.

All you need is beads and yarn in corresponding colors, I got both of these items from Hobby Lobby for less than $10.00. I cut pieces of yarn in each color, tied one end and then wrapped a piece of tape around the other end so the beads would go on more easily and the yarn wouldn’t come unraveled.  The idea was that h
e would take all of the yellow beads and put them on the yellow, all of the pink beads would go on the pink yard etc. Sometimes he does that but the truth is, he usually just puts a bunch of beads on a piece of the yarn and calls it a snake.

My oldest does like this craft for one reason. I made some white yarn pieces and he makes patterns. He enjoys coming up with different patterns and his options are endless. I love the fine motor skills that come with this activity, you’re going to notice that I’m a huge fan of anything sensory and include it whenever possible!

Again, as in every post HERE is a link to the tray, you need it.

beads 3

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