A smile. The best thing you can wear.

I’ve always been obsessed with having a bright white smile but I swear since having kids, I regularly pass out on the couch before remembering to brush my teeth at night. Growing up I had braces and when those were removed I was left with two permanent retainers behind the top and bottom rows of my teeth that are so difficult to keep clean. I have spent hundreds, yes you read that right, hundreds of dollars over the years on crest white strips only for them to slip off of my teeth and out of place repeatedly during each treatment. I buy expensive whitening toothpaste because I feel like it helps but when Smile Brilliant asked if I wanted to work with them I knew I had to jump on the offer. The process is amazing, seamless, affordable and can be done from home. Wait, what? Yes, done from home. Here’s how it works.

First you will answer a few questions about your dental and whitening history. Smile Brilliant will mail you a package that includes: teeth whitening solution in prepackaged syringes, desensitizing gel also prepackaged, the tools for you to make your dental impressions and a prepaid return envelope for your impressions when you’ve completed them. While at first I was nervous I would mess up my molds, the molding process came with instructions and was simple to do. After you’ve mailed your impressions back, the lab will work on getting your whitening trays completed and they are soon mailed back for you to start the whitening process.

You simply brush your teeth with water prior to whitening, paint the whitening gel into your trays with the brush provided and put them in. At first I whitened my teeth every other day for 1 hour to ease myself in and test out the level of sensitivity that I would experience. My teeth didn’t hurt at all even though they were always sensitive with Crest White Strips. After gauging my sensitivity I soon made whitening a part of my daily routine and was surprised to find that my level of sensitivity didn’t change.

Some of my favorite benefits of the Smile Brilliant program are that the trays don’t slip or move, they stay in place which was a huge plus for me. You can do this at home, such a big deal. No appointments which means no office fees or fees for the employees that perform the treatment. The best part however is that the whole process from start to finish costs less than 200.00…seriously amazing. I’m grateful to Smile Brilliant for giving me confidence in my bright white smile again. They are a product that I will recommend again and again to everyone I know.

With the small and simple packaging that Smile Brilliant offers I took my whitening kit with me in my carry on to Florida with no problems. High five to that! It makes whitening anywhere so simple!

Smile Brilliant and I are hosting a giveaway for a free whitening kit that can be found here. (This will be a link to my Instagram post where I will host the giveaway.) Don’t miss out!

“Life is beautiful and there is so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe.

My personal results and I feel like the pictures will never do them justice!

To enter the giveaway you can click here for a chance to win a credit for $149.00 to their site! You can also use my discount code “lifewiththedorts15” for 15% off your purchase!

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