Color sorting with pipe cleaners

I’ve said it a thousand times but pipe cleaners are a staple item that I always have on hand. I have a baby so I have about a million of these containers on hand and while these worked great you can basically use any container you have.


Here are some of the other items that you will need.

You’ll need some reinforcement labels, pipe cleaners, and markers in corresponding colors. Next, you’re going to color one reinforcement label per color and place it on a paper that is cut in the size of the lid of the container. You’ll also cut your pipe cleaners in half so that you can have more and the activity can be longer lasting.

You can then put the paper on the lid and punch a hole through each of the reinforcement labels. The lid can then be placed on top of the container and the pipe cleaners are put through the corresponding colored hole. One of the best things about this one is that when you aren’t using it, it doubles as it’s own storage.

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