Say yes

Say yes to your child when they ask to stir the cheese into the macaroni even though it’s going to be a mess.

Say yes to that brownie or scoop of ice cream or cake slice or cookie.

Say yes to that long run you’ve been dreading.

Say yes to letting your kids friends come over, yes they rip their room apart, but say yes anyway.

Say yes to having cereal for dinner because you don’t want to cook today.

Say yes to that relationship that you’ve been holding back in.

Say yes when the kids want to run through the sprinklers in their clothes.

Say yes to wearing that swimsuit.

Say yes to letting the laundry wait until tomorrow.

Say yes to “will you hold me?”

Say yes when your spouse wants to go golfing after work even though you just want them to come home.

Say yes to the open mouth drool covered baby kisses.

Say yes to an extra bedtime story, or two.

Say yes to love.

Say yes to getting splashed at the pool, it’s okay to get your hair wet.

Say yes to an opportunity to do something that scares you or makes you feel vulnerable, it’ll help you grow.

Say yes when your child asks to help with the dishes.

Say yes to the messy living room fort.

Say yes to that nap. You need it. You deserve it.

Say yes to a late night movie even though your exhausted.

Say yes to self love and self care.

Say yes when they want to stay up 15 minutes late just to finish their episode.

Say yes to messy hair and no make up.

Say yes to skipping leg day, it’s okay to take a day off.

Say yes to an extra long shower and then a good book even when you have other things you could be doing.

Say yes to a burger and forget the salad.

Say yes to the backyard camp out.

Say yes to being who you want, not who you think you should be.

Say yes to dreaming and chasing those dreams.

Say yes to accepting your life for what it is each step of the way.

Say yes to unfollowing the people that make you feel worse about you.

Say yes to following the people that build you up.

Say yes to a life that is full of change, challenge and difficulty.

Obviously it’s not sustainable to say yes to everything all of the time but if you’re like me and say no in situations that easily could have been a yes, say yes today. Say yes to filling your life with joyful experiences and mental pictures. Instead of yelling at the baby who stole a chocolate covered donut and painted your couch with it, find your phone, take a picture and say yes to letting her finish it.

Enjoy a life full of healthy, realistic yeses and start today.

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