Buried Treasure

Have you ever done an activity with kinetic sand? If you don’t have kinetic sand on hand you should grab some. I purchased some from Amazon and you can find it here. It’s only $12.97…I mean, c’mon, you need it.

You’ll grab some small things that you have around your house. Coins, paperclips, buttons etc. Next, you’ll take a piece of cardstock and rip it in half and let your kids create a treasure map based on the items that you have collected, then mix the items into the sand. Your kids will love the whole process, from coloring to hiding to finding. We also used toothpicks as “shovels” and while my oldest gave up and started using his hands my 3-year-old loved it. It might work better if you use a plastic spoon instead.

Let’s also pretend that I didn’t spell it BURRIED at first and then had to correct it with an “X” marks the spot. (Face Palm)

The sand can easily get all over the place, so something that you will see in almost all of my activity posts is a tray that I got from Hobby Lobby that is a LITERAL lifesaver! You can get it here. It’s only $6.99 so run and grab yo’self one, or two, or a bunch. You. Are. Welcome.

BT 4BT 3

Altogether, this activity cost me 14(ish) dollars. The kinetic sand is something that we use for so many things that I think it’s the perfect thing to have around. Aaarrrggh Matey, adventure awaits!



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