Monster In a Jar.

We love crafts! Especially, things that can be used many times, and aren’t going to be built to sit in a corner and get dusty. When I first saw this idea on Pinterest I wasn’t sure if my kids would actually like it.

But, we put it Together anyway, and my kids play with it NON-STOP. They are always asking if they can get out their “Monster Making Jar.” It’s seriously the easiest and cheapest craft ever, and some of the stuff you probably already have at home.

I’m not going to tell you what you need rather, I will just show you what I USED, Because it really doesn’t matter. Anything sparks imagination when it comes to your kids. So here is our stuff.

IMG_7948[1]  IMG_7949[1]
IMG_7945[1]  IMG_7950[1]

You could also use feathers, ribbon, sequins and more.

You do have the option of gluing them together as they are built, and you will be able to build more complex monsters. However, I LOVE the fact that my kids can build them up, take them apart and then do it again the next day. Or in our case, later the same day.

Here are some of our favorites that we put together! We had so much fun!

IMG_8032[1] IMG_8023[1]

We even made a monster out of our REAL little monster. (wink wink)

Trying to decide if you want all of those pieces everywhere? Are you thinking to yourself “That is WAAAAAY to many things for me to have to clean up??”  I did the same thing and I wouldn’t blame you! But here’s the good news for mom. They go in here.


You stuff everything in this nice little jar, we had one at home. We glued a little monster on top and we used some plain ol’ construction paper to make our “Monster Jar” sign!

I hope that you enjoy this craft! We have so much fun with it together. It just so happens to help keep my kids entertained for hours! I love watching their imaginations run.



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