So before he comes home, I brush my hair. 

My mom used to have these days, where things were crazy and she was looking just as crazy. Hair was messy, no make up on, and her clothes were gross, but on those days, around 4:00 PM my mom would disappear to her room. When she returned about 10 minutes later, she didn’t look like a million bucks, but she had put on some lipgloss, ran a brush through her hair and sometimes she had put on a new shirt or some jeans. When I asked her why she would always say “because your dad deserves it.” I never understood it until now.

When I met my husband, he lived about 45 minutes away without traffic so needless to say we both spent more time in the car than I think either one of us would have liked to but it was worth it. I remember changing out my outfit at least three times to try and match the occasion and spending hours applying sunless tan lotion, brushing, flossing and bleaching my teeth. I kept up on the latest clothing trends and made sure to shave my legs every time I showered and my hair was always silky and shiny. The gym was a daily trip and I was on top of my work out game. I carried a brush in my purse and was always applying fresh lipgloss. So at every stop light as I approached his house, the mirror in my car would open, and I was reapplying make up, brushing through my hair and putting on some perfume and then taking a picture of myself to send to my best friends with requests for reassurance that I looked great! Every time I got out of the car, my then boyfriend, would always greet me with very loud cat calls. He would whistle, look me up and down, ask me to turn around so he could take a look at me and then kiss me in between compliments of how good I looked or smelled. Even when we were having a “lazy day” my “pulled up hair and sweats” were as cute as they could be but of course he didn’t know that.

I guess as time has gone on, after getting married and having two children things have changed. My perfume is gone, and I don’t care to purchase a new one. Money is a little tight so I can’t afford to buy any new clothes for all of the different occasions in our lives. My hair is usually pulled up….and it’s not the cute pulled up from before but rather the “do I even have a hair tie in or is my hair just so gross it’s staying this way by itself” kinda messy. I swear my youngest child still somehow spits up more than he even eats and about 97% of the time it’s all over me, and to change every time would be insane! But hey I needed perfume anyways right? It’s been a very long time since I looked good enough to take a selfie and the gym only sees me two days a week if it’s lucky. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that whenever I wake up in the morning, get out of my car, walk into a room, my now husband still cat calls me, whistles, tells me that I look like a trillion dollars, and whispers sweet nothings while he hugs me and showers me in kisses.

So the point is that my husband still loves me. And it’s because he fell in love with me because I had a son at the time and he thought I was a good mom. He fell for the fact that I genuinely love people and I search for connections and relationships, they are important to me. He loved my love for he gym and health and fitness. He loved that I loved to cuddle, which I guess I’m lucky he didn’t know that I would ultimately require my own side of the bed when it was time to share one. While these are all sweet reasons for him to decide to marry me, I often have to remind myself of the reality that my husband also fell in love with me because he found me attractive. Because I always wanted to look nice, and because I liked showing off my sexy side. I never turned down the opportunity to cuddle and I couldn’t keep my lips off of his. He loved that my legs didn’t prick him to death when we cuddled to watch a movie and he loved that I took pride in how I looked and it was all because I wanted him to be proud of me. So dress it up sometimes ladies. Put on a skirt to go to Chili’s and get chips and salsa (which is one of my favorites by the way!) Spend some time in a nice hot shower and take the time to shave your legs! Paint your toenails because getting them done is super expensive and besides, even if you stink at it like I do, he’ll never look close enough to notice that most of the paint isn’t even on your toenail. Sneak up on him and give him a long lasting kiss! Put on some perfume and try to sneak in a good workout! But ladies, on the days that are harder, the ones that the kids cry so much you want to lock yourself in the bathroom. The days that your boss appreciates nothing that you do. The days that you are covered in milk, pee, and cleaning products. When you’ve stepped on more Legos than you can handle and it’s 4 PM and you’re still in your sweats and your husband will be home soon, take a lesson from my mom that I’ve learned the importance of and sneak away for 10 minutes. You don’t have to look like a supermodel, because we all know that he will understand, but at least throw on some lipgloss and run a brush through your hair, he’ll notice and so will you. Plus, he deserves it. Thanks Mom.

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